Totally Smitten With I Love Green Grass

Ilona of I Love Green Grass is a master of geek-approved upcycled gear! Her quirky recycled projects and ability to think completely outside of the box make her blog a must-see for we refashioning DIY nerds!

Get to know this environmentally friendly creator & discover her groovy DIY tips…

“The search for a nice, inexpensive, simple non-leather bag was taking forever, so why not make my own? A piece of faux leather is inexpensive and since I love a simple design the sewing should also be doable. I present to you my first ‘real’ handbag. If you like it, you can make it yourself it is very simple. Oh and you can cycle with it!”

 If you’re a DIY person you just might recognize this conversation:

friend: “Wow, this looks great! How did you make it?”

me: “Oh it is very easy”.

friend: “Yeah sure, for you maybe!”

As these exchanges began happening more frequently I came to the conclusion that perhaps explaining my crafty how-to’s & environmentally friendly recipes on a blog would be a great way to inspire others to start creating – and so I Love Green Grass was born! Creating my blog also stimulates me to keep making new things, finally finish projects I began ages ago, helps me to stay creative and motivate my readers to think outside of the box & get making!

“My mom told me that I was already crafting at a very young age. I had a little fold out table in the kitchen where I made clay sculptures, cut, drew and folded paper into art. I remember I really liked (and still do) to make things out of plain paper or other materials.”

The funny thing is that creating (cheap) handmade fashion & home decor was something my family did long before it became trendy. My parents taught me the value of creativity & how it can make life beautiful. That is what I want to show the world.

“The first time I made an e-reader cover it was for the boyfriend. The second time was for my father and I sewed the cover a little bit differently than before. Recently I got my own e-reader, whoohoo! I cannot stop reading! Of course I also made a cover and I decided to draw a template, so it’s now even easier to sew your own.”

Need a cover for your e-reader? You can buy one of course, but it’s way cooler to create one that is personalized with all of the little extras you desire. Another awesome advantage to DIY? It is less expensive than buying new and through the use of recycled materials it also helps the environment.

“A few years ago I was really frustrated. I had so many ideas to put on t-shirts but back then the options for DIY were very limited & print shops too expensive. Thankfully I eventually figured out how to easily do it at home!”

Moving from Holland to Germany gave me the push I needed to start writing about my projects. I had more time to create and I forced encouraged myself to publish new posts twice a week. Regular posting has been the key to my blogging success, my readers continue to visit to see what new tutorial I’ve shared. Posting my creations on Kollabora’s maker community has also boosted my blogging confidence as two of my DIY’s were featured by Kollabora on Buzzfeed. That generated a lot of traffic!

“I started by painting some flowers on it, but in the end it looked like a lamp from a kid’s room. I wanted a nice sophisticated look, not a childish design! One quick look at my wool stash cabinet (yes, I have one and I am so happy with it!) and the solution was there. “

My blog is also a way of showing pride in myself. It catalogs the things I make and I have a permanent record of my creations. Long story short? My blog makes me happy and I hope it does the same for others.

“We all know someone who is a big fan of Star Wars. So go on and make them happy with a customized Darth Vader toaster, which of course, will become the coolest item in the kitchen! May the toast be with you!”

Ilona’s Top 4 DIY tips:

Stay true to yourself when you want to create something. If you are not a big fan of a certain fabric or color, don’t use it. Even when blogs and magazines tell you that certain colours & patterns are totally hip!

Craft with what you have. You don’t need to buy a paper knife if you have a utility knife in the house. Crafting doesn’t have to be expensive at all, it can even save you money.

When you want to throw something away give it a second thought: maybe you can create something out of it that you still want to use, wear or display.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Not everything goes well the first time you try it, or it doesn’t work out at all. But some crazy great ideas will work and that is something you can be proud of.

Heel Erg Bedankt & Vielen Lieben Dank to Ilona for sharing her story and DIY tips!

Pop on over to I Love Green Grass for a fabulous array of upcycled crafting inspiration!

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