Totally Smitten With In The Mood For Couture

Cristina is one of the most imaginative refashionistas I’ve ever had the pleasure to virtually meet! The astonishingly original creations she shares on In The Mood For Couture would be a fabulous addition to any high fashion runway…

“My latest refashion + the chicest (in my opinion). I really like the idea of having a front top that I can remove when I want to have a different look.”

Get to know this stunning seamstress and discover her fabulous thrifting & upcycling tips:

“My first and the most spectacular refashion I ever created was for a contest on Thread & Needles (a French web-based sewing community).”

I started drafting patterns and sewing my own clothing in 2012. It is so easy nowadays to buy a sewing machine and some how-to books. I began teaching myself the art of sewing as I couldn’t find a suitable class nearby and with so much information on the web already it was easy to discover the basics.

“The most wearable refashion I’ve made. A lot of people actually think I bought it like this as the shape of the original piece has nearly disappeared.”

I didn’t know anybody with the same passion for sewing & refashion as I had so blogging & sharing my ideas online was the natural step to take next. We now have so many online tools to connect with like-minded people, all I had to do was share my vision & give it some time. I began writing tutorials in order to simplify something that was perceived as complicated (2D pattern-making) and to show others that it was actually quite easy to create their own clothing designs.

“My coolest refashion. The original dress hung in my closet for years as I had no idea of when and where I should wear it…”

Once I managed to draw simple patterns I realized that I was free to cut into whatever I wanted. Old clothes included. It’s very simple to de-construct an existing garment and re-create it into something completely different. It was so much more fun than starting from the scratch and I was instantly seduced by the refashioning concept!

“In thrift stores you can find wonderful clothes. You only need to rummage through thousands of piles and hangers and not be too precise in what are you looking for. Call it a serendipitous mood or the hunger for making unexpected discoveries.”

I realized the positive environmental aspect of refashioning later & that awareness now makes me think & seriously consider items before buying anything new. I haven’t managed to salvage & re-use everything in my closet as, at this point in time, I upcycle & refashion for pleasure and to keep my creativity flowing.

“I like to upcycle jeans – those of high quality and resistant denim. When you see all the seams and stitches you can easily imagine the work behind them. Of course, these are made by large machines and mass production, but the labour involved in producing jeans remains consistent. I find it very sad to put them in the trash once they are out of fashion.”

Cristina’s Top 5 Thrifting & Refashioning Tips:

1. Don’t force yourself to transform every item you have into something new. Some clothes are just meant to keep their original form. Others are better cut and rebuilt. Good ideas don’t come everyday. When you don’t have any, put your piece aside and wait for inspiration.

2. When going to the thrift shop look for good quality natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool or leather. Don’t waste your time and energy with cheap synthetics, they just get uglier & harder to work with as time passes.

3. Make what you would actually wear. Honestly think of your personal style first and then decide the final cut.

4. Simplify. Don’t over do it. Embellish but don’t disguise. You need to stay classy not to shout “look I made a dress from 30 light sockets!” Refashion & creative “connaisseurs” will find you without a silly gimmick.

5. Ask your family and friends to supply you with beautiful old pieces before heading to the thrift shop. In the last 20 years, nearly everyone we know has doubled or even tripled their wardrobe so you might find some treasures for free. And maybe the garment you get from someone close has a really interesting story behind it, making it extra special & unique.

“What I also like about upcycling is that sometimes we only need to change a tiny detail in order to acheive a very different result. This refashion is unspectacular but very effective. It only took me a couple of hours to figure it out but it added years to my sweater’s lifetime.”

Merci Beaucoup Cristina! Vous êtes vraiment une source d’inspiration!

Head on over to In The Mood For Couture and take an inspirational scroll through Cristina’s high (re)fashion!

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