Totally Smitten With Rude Record

Karen & Danny of Rude Record are the epitome of re-use. This fantastically frugal couple live the upcycled lifestyle: scavenging, refashioning, and mending nearly all of their clothing, home furnishings & electronics from landfills.

Get to know these rock stars of recycling, discover their top thrifty tips & learn about their scavenger style!

“On 24 April 2014 I participated in Fashion Revolution Day. Whilst I do not wear my clothes #insideout everyday, I have worn clothes rescued from the landfill 24/7, 365 days of the year for the past 5 years.”

Rude Record is our online journal to record & share the joy of our frugal lifestyle, including Scavenger Style: our political and economical fashion statement. We resource and reuse items, including clothes from the point of landfill and play the game Beat The Man. The name of our blog is not the “naughty” rude but meaning lacking in subtlety rude i.e. roughly done.

“A recent landfill score, a Pfaff 807 sewing machine, was hidden in a piece of furniture that looked like a student’s desk.”

Our lifestyle is a choice not a prison sentence. We do it to Beat The Man as best we can. Our way of life is about achieving freedom. The blog showcases how we do this in our own unique way. We have had a “rude” awakening and want to share our joy.

“RUDE does scavenger REfashioning to fit our bodies and lifestyle, by REmaking garments REscued from the landfill.”

RUDE created Scavenger Style. It’s our resistance movement to a mass-produced, manufactured, fabricated, off the shelf society. RUDE chooses to scavenge & thrift what we wear on our bodies, display in our home and hopes to showcase to the world how mass consumption leaves a wasteful legacy. RUDE is a walking billboard for Beat The Man by REusing what we have and making do.

“I’m currently creating a throw rug in my daughter’s favourite team colours. I have sourced woollen garments from the landfill over the past year. The wool has been felted and cut into 6 1/2 inch squares. I’ve commenced the process of joining the squares together with a running stitch.”

Karen & Danny’s Top Scavenging Tips:

Have NO expectations when scavenging at the landfill. Your trips oftentimes will be in vain and you will come home dirty but empty-handed. Remember it’s where fast fashion and poor quality furniture is dumped ready to be buried.

A desk, is not necessarily a desk. It may look like it has a top and four legs therefore a simple desk. But always have a closer look because at the landfill stuff is just chucked around and sometimes, depending on where you go, not sorted. It always has stuff sitting on top of it disguising its real purpose.

Don’t be fooled by people with “sad stories” who really would benefit from the fabulous item you have just scavenged and claimed. These people are traders who are only interested in re-selling scavenged treasures, be brutally blunt and tell these scavengers without any scruples to P**S OFF.

Haggle, Bargain, Barter if necessary but be prepared to smile and quickly walk away if no deal. Why quickly? You do not want to be shamed into feeling guilty. There’s no time to listen to rubbish when you scavenge, as there is a lot to do at home with your treasures. And there is no shame in keeping pennies in your pocket and playing RUDE’s Beat The Man game.

Pop on over to Rude Record and check out more of Karen & Danny’s scavenger style!

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9 thoughts on “Totally Smitten With Rude Record

  1. LOL, Sheri, the first time I watched the video I missed the intro cause it skipped forward. I have just watched it again and was like in awe that you did an Aussie [sort of] accent. I think your Aussie accent is better than mine. Well done true blue dinky Di.

    • There’s loads of working appliances, electronics & more to be found in the landfill/dump. Unfortunately too many people in the world simply throw out items once they’ve been replaced with a newer model instead of donating them to charity, thrift shops or even asking family & friends if they’d like to have the old one…sigh…

      • Private business in Australia is now getting into the waste reclaiming business. These middlemen set up shops away from landfill and employ staff [sometimes the disabled] This is resulting in stuff being just as expensive as some charity stores.

        RUDE prefers to go direct to landfills where residents drop off to a shed on site because it’s dirt cheap [pun intended]. The stuff is not sorted and oftentimes is dirty having been stored for years in sheds and garages. Like the Pfaff sewing machine.

        In time we predict that more entrepreneurial private businesses will take over landfill sites as well [there’s riches in rubbish and wealth in waste]. Therefore we are getting in now and pretty much have enough for our needs. We have been scavenging for 5 years and all our electrical appliances, including plasma and LCD TVs have been sourced from landfill. If not working Danny can usually fix them. We always have a spare appliance as a back up. And maybe a third for parts.

    • Yes Agy, it’s true!! Well Danny found it inside what looked like a simple desk. He called me over immediately [as you have to] and I was like hyperventilating +++. Why? It was a Pfaff made in Germany and I knew it would more than likely be working. It was and just required us to give it a clean and a home service. I was luck enough to find special Pfaff bobbins in my sewing machine parts’ stash. This machine has grunt and can sew through many layers of denim. These machines are mostly all metal and will last forever.

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