Totally Smitten With We Can Make Anything

Upcycling star couple m.e. and Heather are the inspiring talents behind We Can Make Anything. From refashions & recycled home decor to scrumptious recipes their charming corner of blogland has a load of fantastic projects for everyone!

Get to know these groovy gals and discover their top thrifting & refashioning tips!

“Do you hold on to old t-shirts? Shirts that remind you of a great time in your life, but are frankly too small/big/unflattering/awkward to wear anymore? A quick cut & stitch helped me lessen my nostalgic t-shirt load, & I got a cute bag out of it!”

We Can Make Anything started, in all honesty, out of a bit of boredom. I had just graduated college and was finally tackling all of those projects that I had been putting off for years. After I had cranked out a dozen or so DIYs I thought, “I have all of this free time now, I should compile my projects into a blog like those cool people on the internet do!”

“Fads are funny. I remember back in middle school when I got my first pair of super flare jeans. In that moment I knew I had reached a expert level of fashionability. Paired with my platform flip-flops, ridiculous neck choker, & sleeveless turtleneck (what was I thinking?), & I was the hippest thing since Mandy Moore. “

A few weeks in & my girlfriend Heather began taking interest in the blogging process. She had recently graduated too & had some extra time on her hands to help out. She now takes all of the photos for the blog – a transition that greatly increased the legitimacy of our tutorials.

“You can make pretty much anything out of fused plastic shopping bags…I decided to make a quick little coin purse.”

We’re still within our first year of blogging which means we’re still learning, changing & growing. Today the blog serves to teach & share, to illustrate techniques & to highlight key moments in our lives.

“I made a bow tie for our dog, Doria. She was very excited to pose for this photo shoot. Or maybe it was the dog treats that were involved. “

We don’t know where the blog is headed, but in the meantime we’re having loads of fun!

“I know what you’re thinking. You can’t paint vinyl. I mean sure, you can PAINT it, but it won’t look right. At the very least it will be scratchy & crack when you sit on it. Pshh. Quit doubting. Today I show you a miracle.”

m.e. and Heather’s Top 5 Thrifting & Refashioning Tips:

1. Become your own tailor: Learning how to do simple mending & alterations is key when it comes to being thrifty. Figuring out how to take in a shirt or sew a button will expand your wardrobe possibilities.

2.Don’t confine yourself: Do you only shop in the women’s section of stores? Have you seen all the cute (& cheap) stuff in the little boys’ section? Don’t limit yourself!

3. Don’t bite off more than you can chew: While being able to alter clothing totally changes the way you shop, don’t go overboard. If you have a pile of clothes that need altering, don’t go out & buy more. Work with what you have before you add to your wardrobe.

4. Wait for the clothes to come to you: If you feel like there’s an article of clothing that you’re missing, don’t run yourself ragged trying to find the perfect piece. Keep that idea in your head & eventually that special piece will come to you. There’s no need to stress about fashion!

5. Host a clothing swap: There’s no better way to purge & change your wardrobe than with a clothing swap! Grab some beer & tell all your friends to bring all their unwanted clothes over to your house. Anything that isn’t swapped can then be given to charity. Thrifty party!

A massive Canadian bear squeeze & sloppy German kiss to m.e. & Heather for sharing their story and fab tips!

Take a leisurely scroll through We Can Make Anything and grab some craftastic inspiration!

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