The (DIY) Brocade Blanket Coat

I inherited an absolutely stunning 1960’s brocade blanket from Great Aunt Uschi a couple of years ago & was terrified to chop it up…but inspiration struck hard and my refashionista wheels kicked into high gear so the scissors (along with some lovely vintage trim) met the fabric and I created a fabulous new coat!

Waddaya think?

Here’s how to make one for yourself…

Snag a groovy blanket & some coordinating trim

Chop the blanket in half & set one piece aside for now

Bind the raw edge of the remaining half with the fancy trim

Lay it on the floor, right side facing up & fold the bound edge down about 20cms (this will be the collar)

Snag a loose fitting jacket and centre it on the fabric

mark the shoulder & underarm of one sleeve with pins

Chop out a strip of fabric using the pins as a guide (this will be your armhole)

Fold the fabric exactly in half

& use the sliced strip as a template for cutting out the other sleeve opening

grab that set aside half of the fabric & cut it into 2 pieces with your desired sleeve length & width measurements

fold each sleeve piece in half with right sides facing

stitch the sides together

flip right side out & marvel at your lovely new sleeves!


Pop the sleeve tubes into the armholes with right sides facing & stitch them together

zig zag over the interior seams to prevent fraying (if desired)

Create a groovy belt out of the remaining scraps & enjoy your gorgeous new coat!

It can be worn with collar open…

or tucked in and cozy!

all the tutes!

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