Totally Smitten With Onelmon: Crafting Experiments

Onel has a fabulous runaway imagination that just won’t slow down! The delightfully creative upcycled projects she shares on her Crafting Experiments blog will capture your attention for hours and the best part? Onel has DIYs for every ability + a groovy Under 5 Minutes category for those needing a quick maker fix or a last minute gift!

“On my blog I share all of the random crafty experiments I made over the weekend.”

Get to know this clever creator and learn her top upcycling tips!

“This was my first time cutting up my clothes so I was a bit scared when I made this. I overcame that fear and did it anyway; thinking that summer is over, and these worn out shorts are going to be either kept inside a box and never seen again or thrown away. I decided to upcycle them into a bag and am actually satisfied with the result!”

I graduated from an art college with a degree in Media Arts in 2010 but ended up working as a technical drafter for a construction company. Totally unrelated, but I took the job seriously and learned everything from scratch again. However, after working for 6 months, I just felt like something was missing from my  daily 9-5 office life. I missed creating things.

“I saw a lady wearing a cartoon character necklace in the station and I thought it was kinda cute. But hey, why not make it funnier and more interesting by using the image of a real person instead?”

In 2012 I made a resolution to start making handmade gifts for presents instead of buying ready made gifts like I used to do. I searched for ideas from the internet and discovered this gigantic platform called Pinterest and it had me hooked in seconds!

“Thinking of doing some reading this weekend? Then take out your cereal boxes or cards and welcome the giant paper clip bookmark! Trust me, this is one of the easiest bookmarks you’ll ever make, taking less than 1 minute, excluding printing time (you know how printer works when it knows you are in a hurrry).”

From Pinterest, I found many craft blogs and couldn’t help but admire the bloggers behind them, especially those who would go the extra mile to take beautiful shots, write comprehensive instructions and take such time to share their creations to the world. And so I decided to start my own blog and documented everything I made there. Coming from a place where craft supplies are scarce, I try to make things from anything I can find around the house. It’s a good practice for recycling and upcycling too.

“I won a can of tennis balls (seriously) during a dancing statue game but the thing is…I don’t even play tennis. So what to do with the free balls? I made the green monster from Monster Inc., of course! Doesn’t the green ball just remind you of little Mike?”

Onel’s Top 5 Upcycling Tips:

1. Use anything you can find around you as a starting point. Think about how you can turn that particular item into something else.

2. When trying new crafting technique, always make samples (even if it’s just paint mixing).

3. Keep a note or take a picture for future references even if the upcycling fails.

4. If you stumble upon something interesting in a shop, think “Is it possible to use what I already have to recreate this?”

5. Don’t stop learning! Learn to handsew, simple woodworking or even electronics! They will eventually come in handy!

“I saw a girl with a cute skeleton hand hairpin the other day and thought of making one too, in a mummy version!”

Terima Kasih Onel! I can’t wait to see what your imagination comes up with next!

Head on over Onelmon: Crafting Experiments and snag some amazing upcycled inspiration!

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