& just who am I?

HILARIOUS gif of moi by Emmy of That Cheap Bitch

Awesome Sauce: 1. The invisible substance emitted by anything awesome. Inherently making itself, and anything it covers, awesome. 2. A beautifully assonant phrase which can and should be used on any occasion where joy and elation are expressed.

Asshattery: 1. The act of behaving like an asshat. 2. Similar to: foolishness, absurdity, horse feathers, ludicrousness

I’m a quirky Canadian creator who lived a most extraordinary existence in North America, Japan, England and Greece before ending up in Germany.

…having a blast with my retro sewing machine

…am the very proud mama of my very own completely self-produced book-baby

…have begun publishing my Confessions of a Refashionista e-book series

…and am also producing my own series of groovilicious DIY webisodes!

In the 3 short years that I have been sewing & creating I’ve managed to amass a fabulously large (yet completely organized) stash consisting of 100% vintage, recycled & second hand fabrics, embellishments + loads of other awesome diy materials. I share my office/craft area with my munchkin’s bedroom & thanks to a lot of creative space management have managed to ‘comfortably’ squeeze absolutely everything into my tiny 2m x 3m corner:

Sheri's Crafty Corner...

Pop on your headphones, crank up the volume & have a listen to the eclectic mix of tunes that get my maker blood pumpin’…

*and if you’re dying to know what I got up to before the dawn of the digital age take a peek here 

Wanna connect with me?

Look me up on facebook , twitter, send an e-mail or simply use the handy dandy contact form below:

14 thoughts on “& just who am I?

  1. Love your stories about Germany! 🙂 I have an American friend who decided to move to Germany last year, so I know the stress you’ve been to 😉
    Great blog!

    • Lieben Dank Lotte 🙂 Deutschland ist äußerst bürokratisch, es ist wirklich sehr lustig. Ich habe immer die Absicht zu versuchen, den “Kundendienst”-Personal lachen (oder mindestens lächeln zu lassen).

      *Leider ist mein Deutsch nicht gut aber ich lern noch 😉

  2. would love to follow you…are you on facebook? Being inspired by designers in the business keeps my creative juices flowing. I car for my Mom with Alzheimers and it becomes a little consuming. My art is one of my outlets. I too like your humor 🙂

  3. I am now an avid reader! Keep up the awesomesauce! Asshattery- optional. I am already sharing your tuts with the appropriate audiences. Love ya!

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