Be My Guest

your refashionista confessions!

Wanna have your own Refashionista/er Confessions featured on my little corner of blogland?

Here’s what to do:

Send me a couple of unedited, clear before/after pics & the brief story behind the refashion.

A full tutorial is always welcome but not at all necessary to be featured.

*Photo Requirements:

– Photos must be well-lit with natural light (nighttime with flash is a no-no)

– Plain/simple backgrounds are best

– Unless you have recently visited a guillotine your smiling head should appear in the photos along with your fabulous refashion

– Pretty please with a whack of sugar on top: No shot-in-the-mirror-selfie-mobile-phone pix – have your partner, kiddo, buddy, neighbour or even a stack-of-books-pretending-to-be-a-tripod act as your high fashion photographer

That’s it…send in your awesome (re)creations & let the Refashionista Confessions begin!

Check out my groovtastic refashioning guests here

2 thoughts on “Be My Guest

  1. Just watched your video on youtube “Splendid Sleeves”. I LOVE your spunky attitude! I noticed your vintage sewing machine tat. I have some questions about it. It’s awesome!!! Please send me an email so that I may send you a few questions. Can’t wait to check out your blog!

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