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My time at wordpress free-hosting is long over, you can now get your daily dose of my upcycled DIYs, sustainable style and refashionista goodness over on my self-hosted Confessions of a Refashionista!

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Totally Smitten With Onelmon: Crafting Experiments

Onel has a fabulous runaway imagination that just won’t slow down! The delightfully creative upcycled projects she shares on her Crafting Experiments blog will capture your attention for hours and the best part? Onel has DIYs for every ability + a groovy Under 5 Minutes category for those needing a quick maker fix or a last minute gift!

“On my blog I share all of the random crafty experiments I made over the weekend.”

Get to know this clever creator and learn her top upcycling tips!

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Totally Smitten With Rude Record

Karen & Danny of Rude Record are the epitome of re-use. This fantastically frugal couple live the upcycled lifestyle: scavenging, refashioning, and mending nearly all of their clothing, home furnishings & electronics from landfills.

Get to know these rock stars of recycling, discover their top thrifty tips & learn about their scavenger style!

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Totally Smitten With In The Mood For Couture

Cristina is one of the most imaginative refashionistas I’ve ever had the pleasure to virtually meet! The astonishingly original creations she shares on In The Mood For Couture would be a fabulous addition to any high fashion runway…

“My latest refashion + the chicest (in my opinion). I really like the idea of having a front top that I can remove when I want to have a different look.”

Get to know this stunning seamstress and discover her fabulous thrifting & upcycling tips:

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Totally Smitten With I Love Green Grass

Ilona of I Love Green Grass is a master of geek-approved upcycled gear! Her quirky recycled projects and ability to think completely outside of the box make her blog a must-see for we refashioning DIY nerds!

Get to know this environmentally friendly creator & discover her groovy DIY tips…

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Totally Smitten With Green Issues by Agy

Agy is a champion of eco-design. The eclectic collection of environmentally friendly projects on her Green Issues blog are an amazing example of what can be achieved with imagination, ingenuity & the contents of a recycling bin!

“Our world has become a very consumerist throw-away society (just look at the number of malls!). My goal is to spread the message that you don’t have to buy something new, and you shouldn’t throw something away without thinking about what it could be turned into – you can refashion your existing clothes or patronise your local thrift stores to buy pre-loved goods, and even make simple gifts from recyclable items. Old t-shirts and jeans can be turned into bags or slippers!” (photo credit: National Environment Agency, Singapore)

Get to know this clever (re)creator and discover her top thrifting & refashioning tips:

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Totally Smitten With Look What I Made

Sarah has the remarkable ability to transform trash into treasure and the mundane into marvelous. Her fabulous easy-to-follow projects are beautifully presented on her captivating (and oh-so-cleverly titled) corner of blogland Look What I made – a visit to Sarah will easily have you losing track of time & adding to your must-make list!

“I created this project as some kind of counter-project to all those shirts that I have with brand logos. A few years back I stopped buying logo shirts. I’m not a walking ad for their company. Even if I like the brand. When somebody asks me where my shirt is from, I’m happy to tell but does my shirt have to shove it in everybody’s face?! I don’t think so. That’s why I created my own signature shirt. (Pun totally intended. I’m this hilarious.)”

 Let’s get to know this bodacious maker-babe and learn her thrifty DIY secrets…

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