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fruitastic french toast

Do you have a copious amount of Christmas fruit cake or banapple bread sitting on the counter?

Have a peek at my yummy solution for using up those stale leftovers before you chuck ’em in the bin:


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crazy quick coconut cake

On the hunt for something delightfully sweet yet also gluten & lactose free that would actually satisfy my discerning palate I recalled a scrumptastic coconut cake recipe from the always fabulous Katherine of Pillows a la Mode:

Delectably divine and a cinch to make without lactose or gluten!

…let’s get baking!

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Polar Strawberries

Here’s a scrumptiously healthy beat-the-heat-treat idea that I pinched from crochet queen Bekka of Belle Monde Handmade:

delectably delicious frozen strawberries!

Here’s how to make a yummy batch of your own:

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banapple bread…

One of my absolute favourite school lunch treats was discovering a piece of  homemade banapple bread tucked in under my sandwich…the perfect save-for-last-never-got-traded-surprise that was actually kinda good for me…

…whip up a batch of your own in a jiffy

 …and it’s a fabulously delicious way to put that overripe fruit to good use!

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Tantalizing Toffee…

As a tot with a such a large extended family, holidays meant shuttling from relative to relative to have chubby cheeks pinched, forehead covered with kisses & legions of snuggly squeezes. My reward(s) for adorably & angelicly enduring all of this attention? Homemade wacky sugar-high inducing sweets (+ a load of fantastic handcrafted gifts!). One of my absolute faves was Great Auntie’s ooey-gooey melt-in-your-mouth-and-all-over-your-hands toffee…

Whip up a batch & you’ll have your kiddos racing about the house in no time flat!

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Grandma’s Chocococonutty (no-bake) Macaroons

a lil’ disclaimer before we start: this is a recipe for macaroons not macarons

Some of the best memories I have of my Grandma involve these super fast, super fun to make, no-bake mounds of deliciousness!

Now that I have a munchkin of my own I’ve discovered why Grandma made these whenever her legion of grandkids descended on the kitchen…they’re absolutely fabulous to keep little helping hands busy & out of trouble! Let’s get started:

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