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The Vintage Lamp Revamp

Since moving into our new home we’ve installed a whopping 16 ceiling lamps…whew!

Not by choice or to simply replace existing lights…nope when you move in Berlin there is absolutely nothing in the property whatsoever except the fixtures in the bathroom and the appliance, gas & water hook-ups in the empty kitchen. Having a basic knowledge of electrics, plumbing & DIY is essential as the first few weeks in a new home are spent installing lights, appliances & window coverings + building a kitchen to make it liveable enough to start unpacking and making it your own.

Having moved from a 2 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom house we found ourselves sorely lacking in lights but a visit to the charity shop revealed this vintage beauty for a mere €1.50:

Not exactly my taste but definitely usable…wanna see what I did with it?

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That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: The Coolest Upcycled Frames

Head on over to That Cheap Bitch and get the scoop on how I transformed those manky but marvelous window frames…

into these fab pieces of vintage-style art!

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The (DIY) Brocade Blanket Coat

I inherited an absolutely stunning 1960’s brocade blanket from Great Aunt Uschi a couple of years ago & was terrified to chop it up…but inspiration struck hard and my refashionista wheels kicked into high gear so the scissors (along with some lovely vintage trim) met the fabric and I created a fabulous new coat!

Waddaya think?

Here’s how to make one for yourself…

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Thrift Score: Introducing my (2nd) favourite pair of shoes in the universe

Remember that groovy DIY repair of my fave shoes in the universe?

Well, before my little refashionista brain managed to come up with the fab fix for those awesome yet damaged platforms, I was stalking ebay during the wee hours of many a morning in an attempt to locate & score a similar pair of lovely loafers, sadly without success

…or so I thought until last week when I received a fantastic e-mail letting me know that I was the winner of an auction that I had completely forgotten I had placed a bid on last month:

Meet the Second Greatest Pair of Shoes in the Universe!

Mint condition Underground coffin heel platforms for only €10.50!

These beauties are 100% handcrafted in England with a 12cm heel & are surprisingly comfortable.

She shoots she scores!

Snag some thrifty inspiration (+ join up & share your love of second hand & vintage) over on my Gone Thrifting facebook group!

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That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: The Instant DIY Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are the absolute best for cozy comfort layering!

Head on over to That Cheap Bitch and discover my fab no-sew secret for refashioning that dowdy summer dress into a marvelous maxi skirt fit for the fall chill:

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A quick faux leather fix


My most favourite pair of shoes in the universe have finally cracked under the pressure of being so awesome:

I thrifted these shoes a whopping 12 years ago in London and for a pair of second hand faux leather loafers they have definitely done their duty!

The problem is I’m still madly in lurv with them and refuse to let them go…unfortunately the local cobbler said absolutely nothing can be done once faux leather starts to crack and peel.

Oh really? 

I put on my refashionista-thinking-cap, grabbed some gear I had around the house and fixed them up as best as I could!

Here’s what I did:

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