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Thrift Score: Introducing my (2nd) favourite pair of shoes in the universe

Remember that groovy DIY repair of my fave shoes in the universe?

Well, before my little refashionista brain managed to come up with the fab fix for those awesome yet damaged platforms, I was stalking ebay during the wee hours of many a morning in an attempt to locate & score a similar pair of lovely loafers, sadly without success

…or so I thought until last week when I received a fantastic e-mail letting me know that I was the winner of an auction that I had completely forgotten I had placed a bid on last month:

Meet the Second Greatest Pair of Shoes in the Universe!

Mint condition Underground coffin heel platforms for only €10.50!

These beauties are 100% handcrafted in England with a 12cm heel & are surprisingly comfortable.

She shoots she scores!

Snag some thrifty inspiration (+ join up & share your love of second hand & vintage) over on my Gone Thrifting facebook group!

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thrifty copycat: a dramatic breakup with pants

Frugal fashion infatuation has struck again and so it’s time for another Thrifty Copycat!

This week’s victim inspiring vixen is none other than Emmy, the outspoken fashionista behind That Cheap Bitch, and her absolutely unique styling of the outfit in her oh-so-poetic post “I had a dramatic breakup with my pants

Just a couple of pantsless animals, eh?

Hat (stolen from the dude) €0 – Cozy Leopard Print Coat (thrifted) €1 – Chambray Shirt (stolen from the dude) €0 – T-shirt dress (thrifted & refashioned) €1 – Patterned Tights (had for years) €0 – Glitter Socks (1982) €1 – The most awesome shoes on the planet (had for years) €0

Total copycat outfit cost: €3

While Emmy pulls off this look with her zany attitude & the grace of youth I simply look like the eccentric shopping cart lady most people cross the street to avoid…

Check out Emmy’s Cheap Bitch post for her complete ensemble + her farewell ode to pants …

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A Lovely Lace Thrifty Thursday

Vintage Lace is one of my absolute fave items to score at the charity shop. From delicate handmade doilies to an old yellowed bridal trousseau, if it’s lovely & lacy I’ll snap it up, clean it and stash it until inspiration strikes!

That stunning 1950’s lace dress was one of the amazing finds I discovered in the treasure chest we inherited from Great Auntie Uschi last year.

A quick refashion transformed it from frumpy to fabulous and I wear it every chance I get!

Vegan Biker Jacket (thrifted) €1 – Plaid Scarf (thrifted) €0.50 – Lace Dress (inherited & refashioned) €0 Vintage Slip (thrifted) €1 – Tights (1982) €2 – Chunky Loafers (had for years & repaired all by myself) €0

Total cost: €4.50

Snag some thrifty inspiration (+ join up & share your love of second hand & vintage) over on my Gone Thrifting facebook group!

As always feel free to take part in the thrifty fun & vote for the upcoming themes…

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Happiness is…Vintage Furniture!

We’re finally moving into an actual (little yet lovely) house with a yard and everything! No small feat to find in the crowded metropolis of Berlin! This one literally fell into our laps and is located – get this – behind our current apartment building in the “Remise”…

and just what the heck is a Remise? (pronounced ree-mee-zay)

A fabulous old converted farm building!

Since discovering our soon-to-be-new-home I’ve been stalking the kleinanzeigen (online classifieds) for thrifty yet awesome home furnishings and am delighted to share the quirktastic vintage treasures that I scored for my new kitchen:

erm, yeah…I forgot to mention that our new home, although full of potential, requires quite a bit of work to transform it into the spectacular space I envision it to be – this DIY diva is definitely up for the challenge!

How fabulous is that turn of the century kitchen buffet? Some elbow grease & creativity will have it back to its former glory in no time!

I was floored by the awesomeness of this old hideaway wash basin table (it shall soon be transformed into my new kitchen island) + the lovely seller gave us that 1922 typewriter as a “little bonus” – Wheeee!

all this beauty needs is a good old-fashioned scrubbing!

and last but certainly not least my 41st birthday gift to myself:

a gorgeously restored sideboard to complete my vintage kitchen

it even has most of the original manufacturer’s label from 1938 which thrills me to no end!

and just how much did all of these vintage treasures cost?

a mere €230! She shoots she scores!

Discover the (frustrating) ins & outs of moving in Berlin with my detailed Finding a Home in (Berlin) Germany post and stay tuned for loads of funky home DIYs in the future!

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Gone Thrifting…

Are you a thrift & charity shop junkie? Do you love vintage & second hand? Does DIY give you the tingles? Have you kicked unethically produced fast fashion & decor to the curb?

If you’ve answered yes to the above questions then join my fancy new “Gone thrifting” group on facebook and share your love for all things thrifty & upcycled!

Gone Thrifting is a place to spread the second hand love, share upcycling & refashion projects, ideas + a healthy dose of thrifty style inspiration!

Feel free to post a brief decription & links to your latest refashions, DIY decor, thrifty outfits & style tips – snag advice & interact with other members – or simply lurk about & enjoy the thrifty goodness!

Share your second hand style each week with the Thrifty Thursday outfit & decor challenge!

The Thrifty Thursday Goal: To inspire others to shop second hand & prove that fabulous, affordable, unique style can easily be achieved without supporting the growing phenomenon of cheap, unethically produced fast fashion & decor.

How to take part in Thrifty Thursday:

– Style an outfit or share a decor item based on the themes seen at the top of the Gone Thrifting group wall.

*Outfits & decor must be put together from items you already own, have thrifted, DIY’d, swapped, inherited, gotten second hand, dumpster dived, etc…

– Post your Thrifty Thursday pics & a brief description (or a link to your Thrifty Thursday blog post) on the Gone Thrifting group wall.

– Be Inspired!

What are you waiting for? Pop on over and join in the thrifty lurv!

thrifty copycat: gingham stories

It’s no secret that I’m not much of a fashion-trend-follower & prefer to revel in my own quirky style… BUT I do have a soft spot for unique thrifty outfits so when I saw Ariane’s gingham & floral ensemble infatuation struck & I knew I had to recreate the look.

*Coincidentally I had recently been given a pair of vintage gingham trousers at the flea market by a rather flirtatious older gentleman who thought they would “suit my young self”…

Just a couple of freaking cool Canadians, eh?

Flower Power Sunglasses (thrifted & refashioned) €0.20 – Floral Blouse (ebay & refashioned) €1.50 – Vintage Wristlet (flea market) €3 – Rings (thrifted & handmade) €0.10 – Vintage Gingham Trousers (flea market) €0 – Vintage Sandals (ebay) €6

Total outfit cost: €10.80

…and how awesome is my mint condition 1960’s leather wristlet? The lovely elderly seller at the flea market said she got it as a gift in 1966 and never used it…this fabulous & oh-so-functional little bag shall get loads of use now!

Check out Ariane’s Thrift Outfit post for her complete ensemble + some fun facts about gingham…

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