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The Great Thrift Outfit Swap

Ariane (my fellow Canadian frugal fox & creator of the brilliant Thrift Outfit blog) and I challenged each other to create a funky look out of the thrifted bits of awesome we received in our international swap…

are you diggin’ that glittery poncho she sent as much as I am?

Crocheted Beanie (Gift from Belle Monde Handmade) €0 – Vintage Sunglasses (thrifted) €0.20 – Earrings (flea market) €0.50 – Poncho (from Ariane) €0 – Longsleeved Tee (had for years) €0 – T-skirt (refashioned) €0 – Leggings (thrifted) €1 – Knit socks (handmade gift) €0 – Chunky-heeled shoes (had for years) €0

Awesome Ariane also sent me the gorgeous embroidered tunic that I had coveted from her Inspire…expire post:

…but what looked fabulous on her appeared as if I’d been playing dress-up in an elementary school costume box on me.

a chop + a bit of elastic & a quick hem =

a delightful new skirt!

Earrings (handmade gift) €0 – Vintage blouse (thrifted) €1 – Skirt (refashioned) €0 – Knit socks (handmade gift) €0 – Geisswein galoshes (ebay) €14  & my solution for saving my bottom from being unintentionally flashed as I walk up the stairs in a skirt: a pair of boxer briefs

and a fantastic vest top!

Longsleeved Tee (had for years) €0 – Embroidered vest top (refashioned) €0 – Belt (thrifted) €1.50 – Jeans (had for years) €0 – Schweden Clogs (had for 17 years – now that’s quality!) €0

 Merci Beaucoup Ariane!  J’aime mes nouvelles choses de “Thrift Outfit”!

Head on over to Thrift Outfit and check out the amazing way Ariane styled the thrifty Berlin gear I sent + a wee bit of an interview with yours truly…

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YOU Decide the DIY!

I scored this absolutely amazing 2m x 1.80m length of vintage fabric at the flea market for a mere €1.50!

I haven’t a clue what it’s composed of but it’s super soft, has A LOT of stretch & is semi-transparent with a fab waffle texture.

The question is: Just what should I create with this groovy find?

Vote below for your fave idea & I’ll choose the most popular, get makin’ and share the how-to:

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Ali’s Brocade Kimono Jacket

A few weeks ago I posted this fabulous 1980’s Mikado Ribbon Tank Top  knitting pattern on my facebook page & asked if anyone wanted to create one for me in exchange for some me-made grooviness…

Awesome Alison answered my call and in trade for her knitting talents requested that I make one of my purty kimono jackets – in a simple, unembellished fabric of deep red if possible…

I discovered the perfect light brocade fabric in the form of a vintage table cloth at my fave charity shop & gave it a bath in dark red dye…

the result was even better than I had expected! A lovely deep red hue with a subtly elegant brocade pattern.

The completed kimono jacket is gorgeous & now in its new home in sunny Spain

I can’t wait to see Alison wearing it and eagerly await my fabulous retro tank!

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all the tutes!

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the darling drop waist

What do you get when you cross vintage curtains with a modified version of my Obi-Wan Kenobi dress?

A completely bombastical drop waist dress that’s simply perfect with my (kinda) crocheted sandals!

all the tutes!

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the Triumphant belt…

What do get when you cross a Triumph Lingerie measure from the 1960’s with my Quirktastic tailor’s measure belt tutorial?

a super cool conversation starter!

That looks awesome with my new-to-me 1970’s blouse!

all the tutes!

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more lurvly leftovers

Remember my groovy drab dress to Hi Lo top transformation?

Here’s what became of that chopped bottom half:

I revisited my Silvester Skirt tutorial & created a fab asymmetrical skirt that’s just perfect with my doily embellished denim vest & crocheted necklace!

all the tutes!

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