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This is 40 (one)

A pic for each year on my 41st birthday!

I honestly haven’t a clue why aging and birthdays are supposed to be scary events that should be dreaded after you leave your 20’s behind…with each passing year my confidence in myself has grown and my varied life experiences enable me to make much more intelligent decisions than I did in my younger years (most of the time).

Sure, I now have some bits that have started to wobble & a few smiley lines that stick around my eyes even when I’m not grinning like fool but would I combat these signs of a life lived with injections & scalpels? Nope. (although my opinion might change drastically in 10 years or so…)

For now a sunny frame of mind + a bit of help from my fave bargain cosmetics is all I need to feel great about my appearance…and so without further ado may I present my basic face painting routine for looking fab at 41 (+ a few tips n’ tricks I’ve learned along the way):


Grab your make-up bag and give yourself a Happy-Birthday-To-Sheri makeover!

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the more things change…

Whilst flipping through a recent issue of Vogue I felt myself transported back in time…chalk it up to yet another milestone birthday on the horizon but seeing the clothes I was wearing 15+ years ago presented as the hot new thang, really makes one feel…erm…mature

Think I’m exaggerating? Take at peek at the evidence:

(& have a giggle at the young-me’s oh-so-ultra-coolness)

exhibit A: The Denim Vest

*a funky ‘new’ style I’d even re-created myself with my Altered Denim project

exhibit B: Sheer Elegance

exhibit C: Sassy Skirt Suits

exhibit D: The Sultry Sheath

exhibit E: Menswear for Gals

exhibit F: Marvelous Mesh-Wear

exhibit G: Rock Chick Bustiers & Leather

and my personal favourite…exhibit H: Lingerie as Outerwear

Have a flip through your own taken-before-the-invention-of-digital photos & marvel at the 15 – 20 year trend cycle…what were (or are if you’re still a young whippersnapper) your fave trends to recently re-emerge?

Sock it to your hair…

I’ve gotten so many compliments on the groovy ‘do I’m sporting in my Sassy Sofa Sitter webisode I thought I’d share the insanely easy little styling trick:

Here’s how it’s done…

(once again courtesy of the magnificent How-to Hair Girl)

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My Hair Hero(ine)

Trying to find a good hair stylist in Berlin is like bouncing through a minefield on a pogo-stick: impossible to do without blowing yourself up! I’ve tried every type of salon imaginable, from über expensive froufroushishi exotic coffees & head massages included to take-a-number 10 minutes under the scissors and yer done cheapies with the exact same result: gruff n’ grouchy service & a cut I didn’t ask for causing explosions of frustration until grown out…

Happily my hair havoc has finally ended thanks to the discovery of the How-to Hair Girl:

An amazingly wonderful wealth of knowledge to keep your mane marvelous all by yourself! Hair goddess extraordinaire, the superbly rockin’ Roxie, presents tips, tricks & techniques on everything from diy colouring, styling and even cutting your own lurvly locks!

I busted out my scissors & gave Ponytail Cut #3 of 5 DIY haircuts to try today a go…

a flawless result! Sincerely! Absolutely perfect layers as promised!

The next time you require a trim (or something more dramatic) be sure to visit the How-to Hair Girl & save yourself a trip to the salon!

Suicide Blonde…again…

Raise your hand if you’re a suicide blonde…or redhead…or brunette…or any other notfoundnaturallyonyourhead colour. For over 20 years since the 80’s longer than video tapes have been extinct an undisclosed amount of time my hair colour has changed at least 3 times a year – usually from blonde to red to auburn and eventually back to blonde.

Anyone who has ever attempted to go from dyed dark hair to bombshell blonde has experienced the dreaded orange *with yellow accents* clown hair.  I have had RonaldMcDonaldHead more times than I care to admit but a few years ago I came up with a plan that takes my dark hair to honey blonde without suffering with elastic ends or straw dryness!

And so I present my hair journey for the past 2 days:

With a few products & a bit of patience you too can be a gorgeous suicide blonde in a mere 48 hours!

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