A bit of CTB Hocus Pocus…

The Crafty Travelling Box has magicked its way through Massachusetts & is now heading off to the Netherlands!

Brilliant Barbara snagged a few vintage hankies from the CTB with plans to create a purty purse & replaced them with a couple of adorable bits n’ bobs from her own stash before sending it onto its next European adventure!  *that scissor pin is fabulous!

Here’s a quick refresher of the CTB’s trek:

Berlin, Germany to…

West Australia  –  Ohio, USA  –   Barcelona, Spain  –  Massachusetts, USA  –  The Netherlands  –  Oklahoma, USA  –  Vienna, Austria  –  P.E.I, Canada

…and back to yours truly in Berlin!

*Reminder to participants: we’d all love to keep up with the CTB’s journey so, pretty please with strawberries & lactose-free cream on top, after you’ve received the box share an update with at least one photo (or the link to your own CTB blog post if ya got one) over on facebook or twitter

The Crafty Travelling Box

Calling all DIY gals & guys!

The first ever, international, Confessions of a Refashionista Crafty Travelling Box is ready for action!

…and just what is a “Crafty Travelling Box”?

Well, it’s a little box filled with crafty bits n’ bobs that travels from maker to maker…each quirky crafter selects items from the box & then replaces what they take with odds n’ ends from their own stash before sending the Crafty Travelling Box on its merry way.

Wanna join in?

Read on to find out how…

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get your swap on…

What’s even better than making some groovy gear for yourself?

…snagging an awesomely unique creation from another clever crafter, of course!

I love a good swap so if you wanna get your hands on some awesome sauce me-made gear click here to get the ball rolling!