another diaper box triumph…

As we’re still in buying-diapers-in-bulk-time and I still think it’s a shame to waste the sturdiness of the boxes I’ve come up with (another) useful idea to upcycle them into….dandy drawers!

Our little cherub had a plain, boring shelf in her room that stood empty as it was a magnet for dog hair…now all of her burp cloths & extra blankies are neatly put away & safe from fido-fluff! Continue reading


Bulky diaper boxes to funky storage

Since our little stinker now fits into size 3 diapers we’ve finally been able to buy them in bulk cartons of 92 & 100 (instead of trying to cart home 4 separate packages of 28 in each – for twice the price! We’re finding out that the smaller things are, the more expensive they get!). It’s great have so many diapers in the house at one time but it seems such a waste to squash & recycle the sturdy boxes they come in. I found a great way to utilize both sizes of diaper boxes reducing the amount of cardboard needed to be recycled & giving us (& our friends) cool new storage!

*Any size of boxes will do as long one can easily fit inside of the other.

What you need:

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