thrifty copycat: gingham stories

It’s no secret that I’m not much of a fashion-trend-follower & prefer to revel in my own quirky style… BUT I do have a soft spot for unique thrifty outfits so when I saw Ariane’s gingham & floral ensemble infatuation struck & I knew I had to recreate the look.

*Coincidentally I had recently been given a pair of vintage gingham trousers at the flea market by a rather flirtatious older gentleman who thought they would “suit my young self”…

Just a couple of freaking cool Canadians, eh?

Flower Power Sunglasses (thrifted & refashioned) €0.20 – Floral Blouse (ebay & refashioned) €1.50 – Vintage Wristlet (flea market) €3 – Rings (thrifted & handmade) €0.10 – Vintage Gingham Trousers (flea market) €0 – Vintage Sandals (ebay) €6

Total outfit cost: €10.80

…and how awesome is my mint condition 1960’s leather wristlet? The lovely elderly seller at the flea market said she got it as a gift in 1966 and never used it…this fabulous & oh-so-functional little bag shall get loads of use now!

Check out Ariane’s Thrift Outfit post for her complete ensemble + some fun facts about gingham…

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