thrifty copycat: Rot Kariert (Red Plaid)

I scored an awesome 1980’s silky red blouse for a mere 50¢ last week at the charity shop but was at a bit of loss for how to style it…until I spied Nina’s groovy Rot Kariert outfit post and got my next Thrifty Copycat on!

Just a couple of plaid princesses who hilariously happen to have the exact same floor lamp!

Headband (stolen from the munchkin) €0 – Plaid Blazer (thrifted) €1 – Silk Blouse (thrifted) €0.50 – Scarf-tie-thingy (scrap fabric) €0 – Jeans (had for years) €0 – Sneakers (had for years) €0

Total copycat outfit cost: €1.50

 Pop on over to Ninutschkanns & check out Nina’s original post for more plaid & denim styling ideas.

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A Mad About Plaid Thrifty Thursday

Perhaps it’s due to my Irish/Scottish roots but I’m definitely a fan of plaid (& tartan)!

*and by popular demand I’ve sifted through my box-of-awesomeness-from-the-past to bring you yet another TT themed throwback pic:

according to the back of this pic I was “out eating shabu shabu last summer” – way to be specific young Sheri

Holy eyebrows batman! Mad about plaid indeed!

I have loads of plaid in my wardrobe and had a wee bit of a hard time deciding just which bits of thrifted fabulousness to share but finally decided to build an ensemble from my refashioned-from-dude-trousers wool shorts…

Smoking jacket (thrifted) €2 – Graphic Tee (thrifted) €1.50 – Plaid-ish Bag (thrifted) €1 – Plaid Wool Shorts (stolen from the dude & refashioned) €0 – Plaid Tights (had for years) €0 – Suede lace-ups (thrifted) €3

Total cost: €7.50

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