A Lovely Lace Thrifty Thursday

Vintage Lace is one of my absolute fave items to score at the charity shop. From delicate handmade doilies to an old yellowed bridal trousseau, if it’s lovely & lacy I’ll snap it up, clean it and stash it until inspiration strikes!

That stunning 1950’s lace dress was one of the amazing finds I discovered in the treasure chest we inherited from Great Auntie Uschi last year.

A quick refashion transformed it from frumpy to fabulous and I wear it every chance I get!

Vegan Biker Jacket (thrifted) €1 – Plaid Scarf (thrifted) €0.50 – Lace Dress (inherited & refashioned) €0 Vintage Slip (thrifted) €1 – Tights (1982) €2 – Chunky Loafers (had for years & repaired all by myself) €0

Total cost: €4.50

Snag some thrifty inspiration (+ join up & share your love of second hand & vintage) over on my Gone Thrifting facebook group!

As always feel free to take part in the thrifty fun & vote for the upcoming themes…

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Shrink That Dress: a DIY Tailoring Tutorial

Make that fab vintage find fit perfectly with my quick how-to:

all the tutes!

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the tangerine dream dress

Check out how I transformed that lovely 1950’s lace number from frumpy to fantabulous!

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Whey hey! Guess who was featured by the absolutely phenomenal Jillian of Refashionista.net?


That’s right my lurvlies! It’s me!

Head on over and get the scoop behind this fabtastic refashion…

Snazzy Sparkle…

Ahhh…vintage glitz, how I love to collect thee…my latest acquisition?

…this glittering piece of wearable art from the 1970’s

Created for someone with Glamazonian proportions (= not at all moi), I sliced off a chunk of the insane length, re-visited my Splendid Sleeves tutorial and transformed it into this magnificent morsel:

And just where did I discover this lovely lurex bundle of refashionista joy?

…at Every Dress, a groovilicious Berlin-based online shop specializing in all things vintage & fabulous. *I also scored the beautious black sequin top I’m sporting in my Scarfigan webisode from that funky little corner of the ‘net…pure awesome sauce!


I took this €1 vintage sack-of-a-dress:

and transformed it into…

…this magnificent mod mini!

*I simply re-visited my Obi-Wan Kenobi dress tute & adapted it for the amount of fabric I had by shortening the sleeves & cowl…a wickedly cool result!

all the tutes!

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more wordless refashions…