Thrift Score: Introducing my (2nd) favourite pair of shoes in the universe

Remember that groovy DIY repair of my fave shoes in the universe?

Well, before my little refashionista brain managed to come up with the fab fix for those awesome yet damaged platforms, I was stalking ebay during the wee hours of many a morning in an attempt to locate & score a similar pair of lovely loafers, sadly without success

…or so I thought until last week when I received a fantastic e-mail letting me know that I was the winner of an auction that I had completely forgotten I had placed a bid on last month:

Meet the Second Greatest Pair of Shoes in the Universe!

Mint condition Underground coffin heel platforms for only €10.50!

These beauties are 100% handcrafted in England with a 12cm heel & are surprisingly comfortable.

She shoots she scores!

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