Totally Smitten With…

The amazingly fabulous eco-fashion warriors, thrifty style gurus, upcycling stars & refashionistas that I’m completely crushing on + their top tips for successful thrifting trips!

Meet Onel and check out her fabulous upcycled crafting experiments + discover her top recycling tips!

Discover the craftastic world of m.e. & Heather of We Can Make Anything and learn their top thrifting & refashioning tips!

Meet Karen & Danny from Rude Record & learn all about their upcycled, scavenger lifestyle + top thrifty tips!

Cristina of In The Mood for Couture shares the story behind her high (re)fashions + her top thrifting tips!

Meet upcycling genius Ilona of I Love Green Grass & find out her top DIY tips!

Discover Agy’s Green Issues and find out the secrets behind her amazing upcycles!

Meet Sarah, the maker-babe behind Look What I Made & score her top DIY tips!

Discover Nina, the refashionista behind Ninutschkanns & find out her top DIY & thrifting tips!

Meet Chonie, the repurposing queen behind Proyek Akhir Minguu & learn her groovy thrift & refashioning tips!

Get to know Julianne, the rock star behind Made with love by Hulibug & my latest refashionista crush + discover her top thrifting tips!

Discover Emmy, the forthright fashionista who created That Cheap Bitch & check out her amazing thrifty tips!

Learn all about the frugal fashionista behind the blog Christin Renié + score some fab thifting tips!

Discover the cool world world of Kittenhood & learn Daria’s top thrifty tips

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at Kristi’s stylin’ Alligator Toe & score her brilliant thrifting tips

Meet Miche (the beauty behind Buttons and Birdcages) & find out her thrifty style secrets 

Thrift Outfit

Check out thrifty style icon Ariane of Thrift Outfit and learn her top 5 thrifting tips!

click here to discover Nikita & Vesper and learn how they score such amazing thrifted gear!

2 thoughts on “Totally Smitten With…

  1. Thank you Sheri at Confessions of a Refashionista for sharing the joy of thrifting and REfashioning from the perspectives of so many across the globe. Each refashionista has their own individual take on upcycling garments and accessories which makes your Totally Smitten With series a winner.

    • Cheers Karen! I love getting to know these fabulous thrifty makers & stylistas and (hopefully) introducing them to a wider audience to help spread the second hand love & encourage more people to step away from unethically produced fast fashion & decor! 😉

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